St. Clare, Role Model of Faith Honored in Rosedale

From The Tablet
August 17, 2016

Dunking the pastor in a pool of cold water, a living scene of a teenager in a habit on her knees in front of a monstrance and people gleefully singing a litany to St. Clare outside in the noontime sun despite a citywide heat warning were all activities organized by St. Clare parish to celebrate its patroness.

In previous years, the Rosedale parish held Masses for its feast day on the day it actually fell on, usually a weekday, making it difficult for working adults and families to be in attendance.

This year, the parish council decided that it wanted to highlight its patroness and extend the festivities into the weekend.

The parish hosted a festival on Saturday, Aug. 13, complete with a bouncy house, Curry-Q and BBQ. Live music and games entertained parishioners of all ages and the pastor was in for a surprise.

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